Dating Scammers

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Don’t Get Caught By A Dating or Romance Scam?

We here a lot about dating and romance scammers don’t we? Fortunately, they it is really quite rare when someone gets caught. Most of the dating sites have an anti-scammer policy and even software to detect them. But if you are aware of the scams you are less likely to get caught out.

How Do Scammers Work

Like most scammers in any field they are after relieving you of your hard earned cash. They are professional criminals. So what happens and how do they work.

First they will join a dating site and create a fake profile, sometimes many many profiles. They can be very plausible using a very attractive picture and a good story, with the aim of befriending people and perhaps getting them fall a little bit in love with them.

The Typical Dating Scammer

The typical scammers can be anywhere in the world, but will make out he or she is not too far away. They are often from places like Nigeria, Philippines or Russia.

The Fake Profile Picture Used By Scammers

For the ladies they will often put a photo of a white man in his 30s to 40s for the profile picture, yet the scammer could be a 60 year old black Nigerian or even a 20 year old Asian women. The same scammer will target the men putting up a photo of a 20 to 30 year attractive women. Amazingly the scammer will work on many people at the same time.

There aim is to get you to like, trust and even love them. They have perfected ways in getting you to do this. So if you find that you have found that person you have long been looking for and it seem to happen very quickly and you haven’t met yet – BEWARE.

The will also try and get you to communicate off the dating site like Facebook, Skype and WhatsApp – BEWARE

They will also try and move things on very quickly – BEWARE

They are often are very likely to not want to meet in person – BEWARE

The Next Stage

The next stage, ounce they have one your trust is to get you give them some money, just a small amount at first. There are many many ploys that are used. Their Army pension hasn’t turned up, they have had an injury, or a family member has just died. A female scammer might say they don’t have quite enough for the rent and the nasty Landlord his asking her for sexual favors.

Quite frankly if someone asks you to help them with a little bit of money, no matter how lovely they seem, they ARE a scammer.

Dating Sites Really Do A Lot To Help You From Getting Caught By A Scammer

The is usually a team in the back office that check you profile and these people are fully trained to look out for scammers. Companies also use software to detect them. Many sites also share there scammer information.

Safe Dating Icons

Should you come across what you think maybe a scammer, don’t be shy in phoning or emailing the site concerned.

If you are interest to find out more – have a look at this YouTube from the Australian Broadcast Service

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